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The Youtube Effect (2023)


The Youtube Effect

Stone Soup Production shot the TAIWAN portion of Alex Winter's latest documentary for Trouper Productions.

Rescuing Rex (2020)

Rescuing Rex poster

90 min   |   ENGLISH   | 

Producer : Jackie Carlos / Leora Eisen

Director: Leora Eisen

Cinematographers: Luke Cameron / MIchael Grippo

The Way (2018)

1h 05min   |   ENGLISH   | 

Producer : Daniel Hailstone

Director: Luke Cameron 

The Way is an inspirational story of the adversity and challenge professional surfers go through while on their journey to the world stage.

This is an independently made documentary that tells the story of a handful of surfers from New Zealand who have made surfing their lives and careers. It all started when an old surfboard washed ashore in Nelson, New Zealand. The board was refurbished and it turned out it was shaped by legendary charger Peter Way, New Zealand’s first ever national champion in 1963. Peter was known for his antics in and out of the water, but it was his mark on surfboard shaping, competitive surfing and surf lifestyle that has influenced the world of generations of surfers who have come after him. Current pros Paige Hareb, Billy Stairmand and Ricardo Christie weigh in on what has driven them to success and also hard times. Maz Quinn takes us through becoming the first ever Kiwi to make the world tour of surfing and we’re taken on a journey through the north island of New Zealand to return the old board to the man who made it, Peter Way.

'The Way' Surfing Documentary Official Trailer


Canada International Film Festival - Winner -Best Action Sports Film

Auckland International Film Festival - Winner - Best Documentary

Mexico International Film Festival - Silver Palm Award

Atha Gamma (2019)

32 Min   |   ENGLISH   | 

Producer : L. Farah Furtado

Director: Scott Weatherall

Atha Gamma Poster

Atha Gamma is more than a documentary about the science behind mindfulness. It is a transformational journey that will awaken and inspire. The word "atha" is Sanskrit, one of the world's oldest languages, and it conveys that any auspicious undertaking first starts with the word atha, which can be translated to "now begins”. Gamma brain waves are considered to be the brain’s optimal frequency for functioning and associated with greater feelings of happiness, compassion and relaxation. 

The film carries an important message that will resonate with many, and one that is backed by science: you can be happy and at peace by practicing daily mindful breathing and meditation. Atha Gamma will explore just how, through first-hand experiences, conversations with neuroscience experts, and the unique music of sound healer/musician Jeremy Clubb, who produced original specialized sound techniques for the film using binaural/ isochronic tones and brainwave entrainment technology which is scientifically proven to increase Gamma brain waves in the brain.


TINFF, September 2019: WINNER in Best Canadian Documentary category

International Independent Film Awards in California: PLATINUM WINNER

Semi-Finalist at the AltFF Alternative Film Festival in Toronto and was nominated for Best Cinematography at the AOF MEGA Fest Video Awards in Las Vegas.

Burapa: Bikers of the East (2020)

51 Min   |   ENGLISH   | 

Producer : Ian & Tim Hardwick

Director: Luke Cameron

Burapa: Bikers of the East is about the motorcycle club community that calls Thailand home. Some of these clubs are considered 'outlaw' clubs in their home countries, others are still at 'war' with each other outside Thailand, but inside the land of smiles, all these clubs operate freely and without violence while contributing to local charities and locals in need. 

The documentary highlights how one key member Richy Rhodes first came to Thailand in the 70's and joined his first MC. 

The ride hasn't been easy and there's been turbulence with clubs, federal police and charities over the past 50 years. 

Burapa: Bikers of the East Official Trailer
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